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Zhenguanzhibao - Mammoth
Really a mammoth 1 (from left to right)
The skeleton unearthed in 2002 in Heilongjiang province Binxian, height 3.5 meters, 6.5 meters in length, the same individual fossil content reaches above 90%, the skull, limb bones, toe bone fossilsare very well preserved, the Department of juvenile female individual life, dating to the late pleistocene. Is by far the most complete really discovered mammoth fossil skeleton.
Really a mammoth 2 (from left to right)
The fossil skeletons unearthed in 2009 in Heilongjiang Province, Qinggang County, 4.5 meters tall, 7.5 meters in length, the same individual fossil content reaches above 90%, the whole spine, limb bones, ribs, toe bone fossils are very well preserved, the Department of middle-aged male individuals, living in the late period of late pleistocene. Is by far the country found the most complete and the largest individual really mammoth fossil skeleton.
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