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Daqing Museum of "northeast" into the Dongguan exhibition of Quaternary mammal

Meet across time and space
Daqing Museum -- "northeast Tour" into the Dongguan quaternary mammal

    2014 on the eve of national day, Daqing Museum of the "northeast" quaternary mammal fossils national tour kicked off at the first station -- Dongguan City Exhibition hall. Precious fossils in Northeast Quaternary, after a long journey, from the Northeast Songnen plain to Guangdong Pearl River Delta, from temperate to subtropical zone, build a bridge of communication and exchange for the industrial city of Northeast Petroleum Daqing and southern historical and cultural city of Dongguan, for the people of Dongguan offer a historical cultural feast.



    The theme of the exhibition is "mammoth coming northeast quaternary mammals show". The exhibits include northeast quaternary late Pleistocene mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, wolf 15 complete fossil skeleton and 31 fossil. The rich exhibits in the bionic form in front of the audience, they reappear in the ice age glaciers, walking in the jungle, the majestic majestic: some of them are very leisurely, some unruly, some like some friendly...... Brings extremely shocking visual impact. Exhibition expert with bison fossils, fossils, fossil hyena wolf vivid reproduction of the Quaternary period animal fighting story. At the same time, with the four block can touch the audience can fossils, and prehistoric fossils close, touch the history of about 2000000 years ago, the perception from the ancient atmosphere.
    The tour caused great concern of the local people, the audience grow with each passing day. Dongguan exhibition hall for the exhibition supporting the introduction of self learning, challenges, single cones geological time bouncing station, micro film, skin painting, ice age drama series of activities, many parents and children together to participate in activities, in the interactive process of relaxed and happy, all the solutions, to learn more knowledge. The children to establish the concept of health to protect the environment, love our home. Double screen Daqing Museum for the exhibition specially equipped with the inquiry machine has attracted many viewers, not only the information query machine exhibits, with vivid and intuitive dynamic video playback at the same time, show the city propaganda film of Daqing economy, history and culture. People strongly feel the unique charm of Daqing, conceived to know Daqing and into Daqing, love Daqing complex. This exhibition will run for a month and a half, is expected in mid November, will go to Guilin in Guangxi and Liuzhou and other places.
    At present, the Daqing Museum has a collection of northeast quaternary fossils 90% species, to fill the gaps in the project system of the exhibition, is the domestic and international of the mammoth - coelodonta animal fossils are one of the professional museum. "Northeast" display of Quaternary mammals have been awarded the "National Museum of ten exhibition boutique". The exhibition, with abundant and precious collections based on high-quality exhibition positions as the foundation, is a useful attempt to take the initiative to social and public service. The tour to further expand the exhibition space, let the audience enjoy more regional characteristics of cultural relics, the precious fossils give full play to the function of science education. At the same time, the tour has deepened interlibrary exchanges, promotion of city history and culture, enhance the external urban cultural connotation and cultural taste of Daqing identity.

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