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The Daqing Museum ushered in the "warm trip -- old train travel happiness"

    The morning of May 12th, the Daqing Museum ushered in a special group of tourists -- 760 people visited the community in order, most of them are more attract sb.'s attention, is 50-70 years old, but all the joy on the face, be in good out of a bandbox. These old people are mostly from Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan and other old revolutionary base areas, they were taking Nanning Railway Bureau jointly issued by the travel agency and the elderly Changsha warm warm trip -- old train travel happiness, after the long Laughton arrived in our city, to visit the Daqing Museum and the Wang Jinxi memorial hall dedicated to the purpose of the trip, from their heart special complex of the Daqing spirit and the iron man spirit.
    The Daqing Museum for the reception task highly. Send 8 instructors and for all the guests to explain and service. The Daqing museum displays very sense of shock, patience and meticulous service and rich historical and cultural atmosphere, so that the old revolutionary base tourists exclaimed: Daqing is a young city in northern petroleum industry, not only the tree lined, wide streets, buildings and clean, with beautiful natural scenery, but also a wealth of ancient human activities ruins, beautiful Daqing, they left a memorable impression.
    It is understood that, prior to August, the organizers will also send four times this train. Not only active in the Daqing tourism market, tourism development, bring greater economic and social benefits, for the city at the same time, but also allow visitors to enhance our city pass from mouth to mouth, brand and influence.




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