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The first meeting of Tourism Standardization pilot units of work

The Museum held a work to create Tourism Standardization pilot enterprise mobilization meeting

    In October 16, 2012, in accordance with the deployment of Tourism Standardization pilot work, I held a museum of Tourism Standardization pilot mobilization meeting. The meeting was chaired by the deputy director of the Museum of Comrade Liu Yongzhuo, our library leaders, all middle-level, team leader, Party members and representatives of the employees more than 40 people attended the meeting. The meeting conveyed the Tourism Standardization pilot to create the work related to the spirit of the meeting, and to our library standardization pilot to create work arrangements, curator of the Museum of Comrade Zhang Fengli made entitled "full mobilization, and actively striving for the city's Tourism Standardization pilot units" mobilization speech, and expounds the significance of Establishing Standardization pilot units, Daqing museum tourism standard officially launched the pilot work.
    First, continue to deepen the understanding of the importance of Tourism Standardization
    With the rapid development of tourism, tourism standardization has gradually become the industry norms, strengthen industry management, an important means to improve the quality of tourism products and service level. In 2012, the Daqing museum to Daqing Tourism Bureau has been recommended as one of the pilot enterprises, is the opportunity we face. In recent years, the museum to actively explore the development path, seek the best combination of the combination of culture and tourism, we will seize this opportunity, through the standardization process to further improve the competitiveness of the museum building.
    Two, creative work, and comprehensively promote the tourism standardization, standard training, increase publicity; increase investment, establish comprehensive rectification; supervision mechanism of scientific and effective supervision.
    Three, strengthen organizational leadership and coordination, and promote tourism standardization
    1, strengthen leadership, scientific deployment, establish and perfect the safeguard mechanism. First, establish and improve the leadership mechanism, the leading group for the standardization work under unified leadership, unified organization, unified and coordinated, unified implementation. At the same time, the establishment of standards to create a standardized implementation of office, responsible for creating, promoting.
    2, strengthen collaboration, clear duty division of labor. Create a standardized pilot is not a department, the standardization office a few things, is a common event in the entire museum of various departments, all departments should strengthen cooperation, a clear division of responsibilities, actively promote the standardization work.
    3, broad participation, innovation of working mechanism of standardization. We should adhere to the principle of "top-down" and "bottom-up" combination, managers should set an example, to influence the political make oneself an example, high sense of responsibility and overall management of standardization. At the same time, respect the staff's wisdom fully, let them from the thought, from the action to join the standardization process.
    4, to carefully control the evaluation standards, increase the intensity of work, to ensure the completion of the pilot task. All relevant departments must carefully control the "Tourism Standardization pilot units" assessment requirements, identify weaknesses, come up with practical improvement plan, further increase the intensity of work, to ensure the completion of the pilot task.
    The mobilization of the general assembly, is to everyone fully aware of tourism standard work to create the significance for the future development of the museum, so that all managers can enhance the sense of urgency, positive action, complete the tasks created.

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