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black bear

The black bear is one of the Northeast subspecies subspecies of Asian black bear. About 120~190 cm long, weighs about 100 ~ 250 kg; male female bears much larger than. Before, hind legs are 5 toe, plantigrade, flat shoulder, hip is slightly larger than the shoulder. The head of a wide circle;short kiss kiss; nose brown or ochre, white under the chin. Naked eye small nose;; ear length of about 10 to 12 cm, is long hair. On both sides of the buccal and neck hair very long, the formation of 2.5 circular tuft. The chest is white or yellowish white crescent markings. Both sides of the neck with plexiform hairy. The chest hair short, usually shorter than 4 cm. The tail is very short, about 7 to 8 cm long. Stubby limbs rehabilitation, claw bent angle black, the front feet longer than the hind paw. Before and after the foot were hypertrophy, forefoot pad wide, connected with the palm pad,palm pad and toe pads are dark brown, gray haired; paw pads have wide hypertrophy, dark brown,black toe pad between the metatarsal pad and smooth.

For arboreal animal, mainly inhabiting broadleaf forest and mixed conifer forest, tropical rain forest in the South and northeast of the oak forest is habitat. In the southeast of Tibet Valley, from the low altitude of the evergreen broad-leaved forest, monsoon forest, to about 4000 meters altitudemountain cold temperate coniferous forest have their trail. The vertical migratory habits, summerhabitat in the mountains, from the plateau before the winter gradually shifted to lower altitude, even to the arid valley shrub area. The main food for grasses, herbs, fruits and fruit trees, seeds, leaves,grass, moss, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, Yaro, pine, oak seeds and berries, also eat fish, frogs,bird eggs and small mammals, like ants dig and dig. The bear's food and foraging range wasbetween individuals, regional and seasonal changes.

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