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The Asian elephant like the difference and Africa

The only Africa Proboscidea and Asian elephants 2 respectively, habitat in Asia and Africa tropical regions. They are the largest land living animal, appearance is very similar, but there are also manydifferences in morphology, mainly in the following aspects:

1, Africa like size bigger than Asian elephants;

2, Africa like triangular ears than the Asian elephant four angle large ears more than doubled, liketwo huge stalk;

3, Africa elephant ivory is much longer than the Asian elephant, and males and females have onlymale Asian elephant ivory, ivory beast;

There are 4 lines, Africa ring crack like nose, and more deep, like a section of a hose, with twofingers on the nose, the nose is more smooth and the Asian elephant, the nose is only a finger;

5, Africa as back down collapse, the Asian elephant back up slightly arched;

6, Africa as the head is flat, and the Asian elephant forehead two convex bag, commonly known as the wisdom of tumor, the middle concave;

7, Africa like forelimbs with 4 toed hind legs, with 3 feet, and the Asian elephant forelimb 5 toe, 4 toehind legs;

The highest position of 8, Africa like shoulder, hip, and the highest position of the head of the Asian elephant. In anatomy, Africa like 21 ribs and 26 tail vertebrae, and Asian elephants have 19 ribsand 33 tail vertebrae. In ecological habits, the Asian elephant in forest or jungle environment, likeAfrica mainly inhabits grassland or savanna in. The evolution extent, Africa as more primitive.

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