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Roe deer

Deer short deer, wild sheep, deer genus Artiodactyla, herbivorous animal. Roe deer body grass yellow tail, white, male roe deer horns, female without horn. Roe is one of the animals has relatively high economic value, is one of the most common forest area in Northeast China China wild animal.Has been included in the national list of protected "useful or important for economic and scientific research, terrestrial wild animal".

Deer more live in woodland, many activities in the valley and on the slope (elevation is generallyless than 2400 meters), roe deer timid, daytime habitat in the jungle, sooner or later will be in thegrass or bushes activities open. Eating twigs, buds, leaves of shrubs and grass, berries,mushrooms, etc.. Often to lick salt alkali saline ground spring like a deer. General by the parent and their descendants constitute a family of roe deer group, generally 3 to 5. Crepuscular, with grass, mushrooms, berries for food. Male roe deer midsummer to enter group.

The roe deer is the most common northeast forest wild animal, the northeast people also called it "stupid deer". The roe deer is very curious, see what want to stop and see, even the pursuersuddenly shouted out, it will stop. So an experienced hunter if a gun missed will not chase away the roe deer, roe deer, roe deer run for a period of time will be bounced back to the place, have a lookwhat just happened, really is "curiosity killed the deer".

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