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Przewalski's horse

Platts Mustang is one of the wild horse subspecies.

Genus of large hoofed mammals, about 210 cm long, shoulder height of about 110 cm, tail length90 cm, weight 350 kg. Healthy body, in ratio, larger head and blunt snout, stubby neck, smallmouth, blunt teeth, thick, ear than the horse small and slightly pointed. Short sharp ears, snout has spots. The amount of hair very short or absent, may not have long hair, a harness. Back flat, darkline was back, along the spine from the shoulder extends back to the tail; limbs stout, medial leghair color gray, usually two to five distinct black stripes, the lower part of the leg is black, commonly known as the "outing" leg. A small horse hoof type ratio, high circular. The base of the tail with short hair, long thick tail almost down to the ground, the tail is not like a bundle, horse hair is from first to last.

There are 66 chromosomes, and the horse (64 chromosomes) hybridization to produce fertileoffspring. Inhabits mountain steppe and desert. Alert, good run. In general by the strong male horseas the leader of a 5 to 20 horse camp group, wandering life. The original distribution in the North Tower of Xinjiang Junggar basin and Gansu mountain China, Inner Mongolia at the junction of theMAZONGSHAN area. Wild population extinct. Since twentieth Century 80 at the end of the decade,back to Xinjiang China Mustang semi free farmed from Europe, and to conduct scientific experiments and research work for the Broncos return to nature.

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