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Dinocrocuta live mainly in the late Miocene to early Pliocene of Eurasia and North Africa, it lookslike dog, but does not belong to the canine, so not a real dog. With cat form class has a certain relationship. Is an extinct animal, the fossils found only in Eurasia and North Africa, especially inShanxi, Shaanxi, China Ningxia, Hebei and other regions, have found abundant animal fossils andrelics of giant iguana dogs, and recently found in Gansu and political wherepachycrocuta is the industry especially pay attention to.

Estimation of early scholars, dinocrocuta weighing 210 kg, far before may be seriously underestimated. A careful study of scholars that their weight may be quite an adult bear. Africamodern hyenas usually weighs 70 kilos. While the ancient wherepachycrocuta the estimated weight of more than 400 kg, body length (including the tail) 3 meters, shoulder high around 130CM. The equivalent of an adult brown bear weight. Such a large carnivorous animal is not common at any time. Spotted hy. Spotted hyenas are distributed in the Africa sub Saharan open steppe zone. Is atype existing percrocuta largest, the most famous is the hyena family a. Especially horrible crysounds like human laughter.

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