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Coelodonta, also known as the woolly rhinoceros, is an extinct species of rhinoceros, rhinoceros tobelong to the tooth cavity, Perissodactyla Rhinocerotidae dual horn subfamily. The average body length of 3.5 meters, shoulder height of about 2 meters, the average weight of 1.8 tons, equivalent to the existing India rhinoceroses, less than the white rhino. The name for all wearing full thick hair.China has two flat angle, can push the snow to graze. It also has a thick layer of fur and fat, to keep warm in a cold environment.

Coelodonta survive in the Pleistocene, and the mammoth really the same age, and spent in the ice age survived. Active in northern Eurasia, giant rhinoceros elasmotherium and really belong toRhinocerotidae students exist together. China was a Paleolithic human hunting object, its extinctionso far only in 10000, is the latest extinct prehistoric rhinoceros. The rhino and coelodonta relationsrecently still next of kin Sumatran rhino in Southeast Asia to survive, but it is critically endangered species, has been at the edge of extinction.

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