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The formation of fossil

Fossils, ancient biological remains, buried with a relic or relics of stone like object in the underground into. Study on the evolution of animal fossils can solution and can help determine the age of strata. Preserved in the rocks of the crust in the ancient animal or plant remains or thatancient fossil remains of existing evidence that. From the Archean (3400000000 years ago) to Holocene (10000 years ago) between have fossils.

Simply speaking, life becomes a fossil is in the distant past life or remains of stone. In the long geological ages, life on earth has countless creatures, the death of the animal remains or liferemains, many are then buried sediment. In subsequent years, by decomposition of organic matter of these biological remains, hard parts such as shell, bone, and branches around the sediment withpetrochemical into stone, but their original form, structure (even some minor internal structureremains the same;), those who leave life the traces can be preserved. We put these petrifiedbiological remains, ruins called fossil. You can see from the fossil of ancient animal, plantappearance, which can be inferred from the ancient animal, plant life and living environment, it can be inferred that changes in burial fossil strata formation age and experience, can see the ancientbiological changes etc..

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