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"The success under the blue sky smile" -- caring for children with autism charity activities in Daqing Museum

The Daqing Museum held successfully
"Blue sky smile" -- caring for children with autism
2015 the Eighth International autism day charity activities

    There is a group of children, and they never take the initiative to exchange, one world, according to their own laws of life. They are not deaf, but to turn a deaf ear to the call of parents; they are not blind, but for others to pay no heed; they do not dumb, but never take the initiative to call "shut one's mouth, even" Mom Dad "". They are autistic children. "Autism" also known as "autism", according to WHO 2013 statistics, the world every 20 minutes, birth of a child with autism, more and more people with autism, let us on this group have paid more attention to the. In China 380000000 children, there may be about two million of the autism (also known as autism patients), December 18, 2007, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 62/139 regulations, from 2008, April 2nd each year was designated as "World Autism Awareness Day" (World Autism Awareness Day).
    April 2, 2015 is the eighth "World Autism day", in order to let more people can understand the concern of autistic children, let us love to warm their loneliness, I launched a "museum under the blue sky smile" - caring for autistic children's Museum donation activities, calls for more attention to children with autism, autism to enhance social children understand. First, we propose to conduct activities in the whole of love, we are actively in the home idle school supplies, books, toys and supplies and other materials, to the museum collection. This event a total donation of more than 150 pieces of learning and life activities.
    On April 2nd, I led a museum by the workers, social volunteers and other 17 members of the team of volunteers, went to Daqing City Special Education Center, in Ming language autism school held the "blue sky smile" star fun games, meeting our employee He Zhi to children with autism. Watch the program, also carried out interactive games, but also help on-site volunteer work, although we can do just a little bit, but it is a big step forward in our charity on the road, we deeply feel every autistic family have a bitter tears behind, how many parents, how many special education teachers for the children to work hard efforts, it is with their children, smile more, see the innocent children, our hearts are touched. Daqing Museum as the Ming language autism school love to build units, in recent years, we continue to carry out the autism advocacy exhibition, with our modest hope, to appeal to the community concerned about the autism group, actively help them integrate into society, with love and warmth of their hearts, let the children with autism should have equal opportunities to enjoy a normal life.
    Museum Volunteer photos Harmonious society should not only improve the beauty, beauty is incomplete, the less they smile the harmonious society. We may just help disabled children to lift a finger, but, for their families, may affect life, remember for the rest of my life. Just give a little love, the world will become much more beautiful. To create a harmonious society, help the disabled children, make it in a warm, harmonious, equal to the sky to enjoy live music, you need, I need, the need for each of us! Our little care will open up a bright sky for planets!

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