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Daqing City Museum "tour" into the Quaternary mammal fossils in Northeast Guilin

Daqing City Museum "tour" into the Quaternary mammal fossils in Northeast Guilin

     In November 21, 2014, Daqing City Museum "tour second" quaternary mammal fossils in the Northeast station in the grand opening of Guilin landscape under heaven. This exhibition is jointly organized by the Daqing City Museum and Guilin Museum, will run for a month.
     The exhibition of the mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, deer, bison, Wild Mustang, complete animal bones and 15 out of more than 30 pieces of northeast parts of Quaternary mammalian fossils. The fossil pictures and real animal in the form of a combination of vivid reproduction of the Northeast quaternary mammoth -- the process of animal origin, coelodonta group evolution, classification and reproduce.
     The exhibition from the local public praise, earning the change of the natural environment and history of Quaternary mammals attracts a large audience attracted visitors, the average daily number of visitors received more than 1000 people. The exhibition the dissemination of scientific and cultural knowledge, enrich the Guilin public amateur cultural life, obtain good social benefits.

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