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Daqing City Museum "fossil mammals" northeast quaternary national tour in Liuzhou

Daqing City Museum of Quaternary mammalian fossils in Northeast China
The national tour in Liuzhou

    In March 13, 2015, Daqing City Museum "fossil mammals" northeast quaternary national tour, following the Dongguan Railway Station Guilin Railway Station, Guangxi station in third -- Liuzhou City Museum grand opening. The exhibition is jointly organized by the Daqing City Museum and the Liuzhou Museum, the exhibition is free and open to the outside world, will continue until April 5th.
    The exhibition, Daqing Museum selected northeast representative in Quaternary, Przewalski's horse, bison last 14 hyena skeleton fossil, and the northeast, red deer, beaver skull horns really mammoth 31 incisors scattered fossil. These precious fossils as a supplement to the ancient city of Liuzhou Fossils Exhibition, exhibition hall and the third century paleontological fossils with complete fossils, make the exhibition more system. In order to make the exhibition more vivid and interactive exhibits, each side is equipped with reduction of figure and text, and the movie "ice age" in the hall of the ground loop. At the same time, specially set up "fossil experience area", display the three block can meet the audience and touch the fossils, fossil zero distance contact desire. This exhibition, reproduction of the life picture of the Northeast Plain, the audience strongly feel the great charm of prehistoric monster, received a warm response to the citizens of Liuzhou, the audience have amazing rich treasures hidden in the vast plain of the northeast. It is reported, only two days on the exhibition reception audience of about 18000 people, a record of this tour record.
The fossil is the carrier for signs of life, it seems to be silent, but bears all things of creation code, through these bones and fossils, the ancient organisms thriving situation to explore more strongly. Over the years, the Daqing City Museum of paleontology workers through unremitting efforts and research, using a scientific method, giving these fossils bionic form, show spectacular and shocking picture of life in the world in Northeast china.



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