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Daqing Museum of science and innovation to carry out a series of activities

From passive to active participation in the propaganda
Daqing Museum of Science -- innovation to carry out a series of activities

    In September 27, 2014, the Daqing Museum officially launched the "innovation and development, national action" as the theme of the popular science monthly series of theme activities. The science activities breaking the traditional, single form of publicity, the exhibition as the carrier, scientific, fun, cooperation as a whole. The activities include "service model innovation, dissemination of historical culture --" Daqing Museum "volunteer activities and explore the Northeast Quaternary, feel the" beauty "fossil" -- Daqing Museum of art painting activities.
    The scene in the volunteer activities, volunteer 35 students from the Department of Tourism Economic Management Institute of Northeast Petroleum University solemn oath: "as far as possible, help others; love and dedication, serve the society; practice the spirit of volunteerism, spread advanced culture; museum education contribution to the cause of a force!" after he was sworn in, the volunteers received training for the first time the Daqing Museum, on the basic situation, service process, explain the essentials and the image of etiquette have a preliminary understanding. This group of volunteers with high comprehensive quality, strong ability to accept, with passion and dedication, enthusiasm, enrich the growth of Daqing Museum volunteers, believe that they will take practical action to perfect interpretation of "love and dedication, service society" tenet.



30 students participated in the activities of the Department of fine arts painting art is the Art Institute of Northeast Petroleum university. They are under the guidance of teachers, in the exhibition hall of different exhibition scene for the theme, devoted himself to painting the world. A picture of the new easel, a smart brush, both eyes, exploring knowledge...... The Daqing Museum exhibition hall full of intellectual and spiritual. The students skilled creative techniques, paintings showing the unique charm of artistic appeal attracted many viewers enjoyed. Sketch after the event, the Daqing museum will be the selection of 20 outstanding works, in mid October exhibition of outstanding works of Art Painting Exhibition museum.
    In 2014 the Daqing Museum of science activities, the practice of "close to reality, life, close to the masses" culture, play the museum to the public cultural service function, at the same time, also built a platform for the development of museums in enthusiastic volunteers, carry forward the "dedication, friendship, mutual progress," the spirit of the volunteers, widespread pay attention to.

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