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  The natural environment in Northeast China
  Northeast quaternary mammal
  The ancient civilization of Daqing area
   "Natural environment" in Northeast display mainly show the richness and the evolution of the natural ecological resources in Daqing. The lake wetland, Lake Tunnel landscape display, display stratum core samples and multimedia presentation techniques such as sand table model, Daqing Lake Wetland formation and Quaternary Geology and geomorphology condition and organic combination, intuitive, scientific about the underwater ecosystem, the formation process of geological geomorphology and evolution of ancient times.    "Northeast" quaternary mammal showing a selection of abundant precious fossils, take very shock and delicate display forms and means, highlight the Quaternary mammals classified description, comparison, the evolution of the international and domestic research, the discovery of Quaternary Daqing Museum of Quaternary fossil collection protection, Quaternary and human relations, Rackmount interactive demonstration etc....   Display and highlight the regional characteristics of Daqing ancient history, the Daqing ancient human, brilliant bronze culture, ethnic fusion, post Liao Jinyuan era culture four topics, diversity, concentration of ancient ancestors cultural expression of the uniqueness and importance.
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