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    The second exhibition -- "northeast quaternary mammal"
    "Northeast" exhibition of Quaternary mammalian natural history display. The contents of brilliant, boutique after another. Display form delicate and highly sense of shock. The classified description, comparison, research, evolutionary found protection as a clue, showing a large number of precious quaternary mammal fossils, reveals the mammoth - coelodonta northeast quaternary history animal groups thrive. Is a very ancient biological brand features display visual enjoyment.
    The exhibition is divided into "magical beast," long "," rich animal population "prosperous prairie army", "unremitting exploration of" four units. In most parts of Northeast China formation, discovered quaternary mammal fossil rich. The mammoth - coelodonta animal group is a member of the Northeast quaternary animal group is the most representative. Researchers believe that the group has at least 45 animal species, the Daqing Museum has successfully collected 43 species, to fill the gaps in our collection of the animal fossils, and have high academic research value and value display.
    In the "magic hairy beast" this unit, the board, fossil, model, image introduction proboscidean origin and evolution, classification and evolution, the mammoth and mammoth fossils found in Daqing area. Through the simulation of the cartoon book listen to be full of wit and humour, the mammoth playfully tells the story of the same people, imperceptibly like this cute mammoth huge monster. The most exciting is the 12 mammoth fossil skeleton of the large scene go forward with great strength and vigour. Some of them are very leisurely, some wild and intractable, some self-assured or supercilious. It is the ancient fossil people these years so long distance we be hardly worthy of belief, even able to proudly in the world. Thus it can not help but thank the experts shelved their fossil repair, so that thousands of years mammoths back to life. In the mammoth group, head of the two leading out really mammoth king of the wind is two, it is the Daqing Museum of zhenguanzhibao "". One in 2002 unearthed in Heilongjiang province Binxian, standing 3.35 meters high, 6.5 meters long, the same individual complete fossil rate reached more than 85%, the rare really mammoth fossils have been collected in Daqing Museum, Museum of paleontology research and efforts of workers under a success, CCTV the news reports. Another really mammoth fossils in 2009 in Heilongjiang province of the Qing Gang unearthed, standing 4.35 meters high, 7.5 meters long, the same individual complete fossil rate reached more than 90%, is by far the largest, most complete individual found really mammoth fossil skeleton. You can touch the fossils also placed next to, in order to satisfy the audience.
    "Rich animal population" of this unit, showing the mammoth - coelodonta animal group in Carnivora, Rodentia, Lagomorpha, Perissodactyla and Artiodactyla and many other members of animal.
    "Prosperous prairie army" of this unit, through the rich quaternary ancient animal display channel, Pumianerlai is composed of 50 cattle with the skeleton is huge "boiling cattle", each cow's shape and manner are different, as if to tell their own feelings. There have been hundreds of young painters, surrounded by the cattle scene before sketching boiling, with dozens of northeast bison fossil skeleton, with vivid body language, deduce different, different shape, different stories, provided rich material for copying and painting creation, also highlights the skill of a worker Shi Xiufu. This matrix exhibition art has a sense of beauty and novelty bring strong visual impact to people. The display next to the exhibition on the wall of the 105 bison skull fossil composition of tau wall is quiet and peaceful, full of fun, and the Buffalo News contrast rush, thought-provoking. Experts at home and abroad are seen here to sigh: the world has never seen anything like a museum, Daqing Museum collection this so much the same kind of animal fossil skeleton and skull fossil, too shocked, magnificent! Called "China only, only the world"! Not only that, the exhibition as well as an "ice theater", multimedia and interactive operation platform be full of wit and humour, make the exhibition more informative and entertaining.
    "Explore" unremitting this unit, Daqing museum was introduced since 2002 and China Academy of Sciences and other experts to set up the research group studies since the development in the northeast, unusual quaternary exploration in the research process, and made careful preparation for future research. The fossil mammal fossils from scratch, the Quaternary collection volume has reached more than 20 pieces; not from the original fossil, to now have been the only quaternary fossil issued by the State Bureau of cultural relics repair production qualification level two, and has been successfully assembled with hundreds of skeletons; from the original low cottage, modern exhibition hall to 10000 square now m... When understanding to the Daqing Museum from nothing to now has such a rich collection, with only ten years of time, the audience for the work of the museum register profound respect.
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