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    The Daqing museum is a comprehensive museum of the first domestic in the northeast of Quaternary environment, ancient animal and ancient human theme. The collection of fossils, specimens and artifacts more than 200000 pieces, fill the blank of the domestic northeast quaternary mammal fossils system, become the country and the world, major collections of mammoth fossils -- animal species coelodonta most, the largest number of museums.
    Daqing City Museum belonging to the Daqing Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, is the full allocation of financial institutions. Its predecessor is the Daqing Exhibition Center, established in 1964, the office has changed, in 1975, is located in the city children's Park on the north side of the Daqing exhibition hall officially completed, once in seventy or eighty years of oil field development and construction period, played an important role to promote the spirit of Daqing, the iron man spirit. In 1991, the museum displayed the deeds of the exhibition moved into the original iron man Wang Jinxi Memorial ironman. In 1998, the institutional reform of public institutions, renamed the Daqing museum. In 2001, the Daqing municipal cultural relics management station and Daqing City Museum offices. In 2005 July, Daqing City Museum groundbreaking. In June 18, 2008, the natural part of display for free and open society. In 2009 July, by the State Cultural Relics Bureau announced two national museum. In 2009 December, was named the national science education base. In November 22, 2011, the two phase project of Daqing City Museum exhibition ended, for open society.

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