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                             fengli zhang

Dear friends:

   Hello! Welcome to Daqing Museum website! At the same time, also sincerely thank you for a long time in the Daqing museum's concern and support. 

    Daqing is a young city because of oil, promote because of oil, several generations of Daqing people, the interpretation of the spirit of Daqing Iron Man Spirit ambition with youth and sweat, to a desolate land and built a beautiful and prosperous city. In recent years, with the "green oil city, natural lakes City, northern spa town" reputation and famous Daqing, with its development and change rapidly rise, has attracted more attention. The National Health City, the Ming City, national environmental protection model city -- three golden city, full of glory and pride of Daqing people. However, there is never a lack of honor in Daqing, also has its own shortcomings: because of Daqing, time is short, in the eyes of some people, the young Daqing lack of cultural heritage, the lack of historical connotation.
    Some people say, a city does not have its own history, you cannot find their roots and soul. Some people say, look at the cultural connotation of a city, is the city museum, because a museum is a history of changes. However, ten years ago, the Daqing Museum, only a low cottage is unknown to the public, no place, no museum, how to play the museum's collection, display, research function? How wonderful, full display of city history and city characteristics? This is a problem that requires courage, wisdom and endless efforts to resolve, is the goal and the historical mission of the Daqing Museum for many years diligently strive after.
    Daqing Museum ten years of sword, in a difficult time, the establishment of the Northeast project quaternary strong operability and great prospects for development, promote the collection, display, research, in-depth study of ancient history, natural environment, Daqing area evolution of ancient animal living history and ancient history of human development activities, to achieve ultra conventional, leap forward development. From zero to more than 20 pieces of collections of fossils, fossils fill northeast quaternary system blank; from display to build China's first set of comprehensive museum of ancient environment, ancient animal and human as one of the ancient city of Daqing, to fill the blank without comprehensive museum. The Daqing Museum in the object oriented principle, uphold the principle of "to the author, to build a museum", "don", "I have no people, I have excellent people" policy, display collections for many years, fossil specimens and artifacts, so that people not only from the appreciation of ancient lakes, ancient animal and human civilization ancient beauty of interest, more importantly, reflects the ancient knowledge now trace to its source, to enable people to experience environmental changes from these human cultural relics and natural relics, the recognition of life truth, make people more love this beautiful city home.
    Time flies, the Daqing Museum ten years of exploration of the road, in the meandering history such as. However, the Daqing Museum, every page of a calendar records are hard, tired and busy. However, when we are pleased to see: the unique charm of the Daqing museum to bring the audience to shock, surprise, moved and proud, at this time, all the hard work and dedication will be happy and happy, all the affirmation and recognition have become incentives and encouragement. Here, sincerely thank the city's cultural workers dedication and hard work, thanks to the Department in charge of the guidance and help, thanks to the attention and support of the municipal Party committee, City Hall. The Daqing museum will make persistent efforts, highlighting the characteristics, have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, release function, fully display the unique charm of the city of Daqing and cultural heritage, to better meet the needs of people's spiritual needs and the development of the city, for the construction of a modern international city, make contributions.
    I sincerely hope you can as in the past attention, support, participation in our library work, I sincerely hope that you can feel the culture in our website, historical recollections, the soul of the collision...... At the same time, sincerely welcome you to visit the exchange Museum, let us together through the time tunnel, a common appreciation of ancient Daqing natural magnificent scene! The common feeling of the huge momentum of Quaternary mammalian fauna! Incorporated into the ancient human "on the mound for hunting, and fishing near the river" leisurely situation! The common appreciation of the long years long cherished historical and cultural relics! Common exclamation eternal charm of ancient human civilization and the broad and profound Daqing northeast region of the quaternary! Daqing together to enjoy this new city of the historical elegance and vitality!

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