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    The third exhibition -- "ancient civilization" in Daqing

    "Ancient human civilization" Daqing area social history exhibition exhibition. The exhibition is the epitome of the ancient history and culture of Daqing area, supporting the dissemination of historical and cultural and educational functions. The design is characterized by the time sequence, the scene restored (miniature), multimedia, sand, sculpture, plate display means, the history of physical and text together, highlight the local color and national style, so that the audience can intuitively feel the Daqing region of human history era style, has the characteristics of knowledge, system, order of.
    Step into the exhibition, visitors will see the bronze relief wall in different historical periods as the theme of the artifacts depicting the ancient human civilization "," the theme of the exhibition in Daqing area. The exhibition time is clear, through the Daqing ancient people, brilliant bronze culture, ethnic fusion, post Liao Jinyuan era culture four topics, let the audience through the time tunnel, through the history, to feel the cultural diversity, the ancient ancestors of the unique nature and importance.
    Through the narrative, the audience learned: late early in about 12000 -1 million years old stone age, ancient people began to live in the Daqing area. The ancient human life scene realistic image display of the restoration of ancient human "on the hill near the river for hunting, and fishing" leisurely situation.
    The exhibition of cultural relics on display density, can let the audience enjoy the rich collections, and skillfully avoid visual fatigue caused by it. For some treasures, such as the Neolithic Age in Daqing area remains only a relatively complete pottery string lines mouth oblique abdominal cans and other artifacts, the low density exhibits less and better display, with a fine showcase independent, detailed description of the text carefully interpret the background, historical value. For representative collections, such as the Daqing area of fine stone tools, is used to display the form of high density, large stone arrowheads, stone, stone blades, scrapers, excavators, etc. tick carved artifacts on display, highlighting the number of fine stone collections in Daqing area, excellent quality characteristics.
    It is particularly worth mentioning is that small Lacha culture and Bai Jinbao culture is a typical remains of Bronze Age culture in Daqing, marking the Daqing area at that time has already entered the threshold of civilization, reflects the Daqing area of Nenjiang basin should be the center of economic and cultural development. The use of a large number of text, multimedia and large sand and rich cultural relics, highlighting the culture of Bai Jinbao. Site is located in Bai Jinbao Township in Zhaoyuan County, Heilongjiang Province Public white Jinbaotun site, range 450 meters long from north to south, east-west width of 400 meters, the distribution area of about 180000 square meters, is a large-scale settlement center.
    In 1996, the site was announced as the national cultural relics protection units. Bai Jinbao is the site of the Songnen Plain on the first official scientific discovery, with strong local characteristics of the bronze cultural relics. It is found that has great significance for the study of Nenjiang, the economic outlook, the Bronze Age culture of Songhua River basin characteristics, social nature and family relationship and etc..
    The rich exhibits a novel display means, increasing the audience of Daqing historical culture awareness and understanding. Here, not only the appreciation of ancient Great Lakes, ancient animals and ancient human civilization, the beauty of the fun, more important is their origins and reflects the ancient knowledge now, enable people to experience environmental changes from these human cultural relics and natural relics, feel the culture continuous strength, cognitive truth of life and make people more love this beautiful Daqing home city.

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