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The exhibition hall

      Daqing City Museum belonging to the Daqing Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, is the full allocation of financial institutions. Its predecessor is the Daqing Exhibition Center, established in 1964, the office has changed, in 1975, is located in the city children's Park on the north side of the Daqing exhibition hall officially completed, once in seventy or eighty years of oil field development and construction period, played an important role to promote the spirit of Daqing, the iron man spirit. In 1991, the museum displayed the deeds of the exhibition moved into the original iron man Wang Jinxi Memorial ironman. In 1998, the institutional reform of public institutions, renamed the Daqing museum. In 2001, the Daqing municipal cultural relics management station and Daqing City Museum offices. In 2005 July, Daqing City Museum groundbreaking. In June 18, 2008, the natural part of display for free and open society. In 2009 July, by the State Cultural Relics Bureau announced two national museum. In 2009 December, was named the national science education base. In November 22, 2011, the two phase project of Daqing City Museum exhibition ended, for open society.

Introduction to the exhibition

     The Daqing museum is a comprehensive museum of the first domestic in the northeast of Quaternary environment, ancient animal and ancient human theme. The collection of fossils, specimens and artifacts more than 200000 pieces, fill the blank of the domestic northeast quaternary mammal fossils system, become the country and the world, major collections of mammoth fossils -- animal species coelodonta most, the largest number of museums.
     The Daqing museum is "natural environment", "the northeast northeast" and "quaternary mammals of ancient Daqing civilization" three exhibition. With millions of years of evolution and the fossil relics on display, so that people know vicissitudes of the natural and human history in Daqing area. In the Great Lakes, trace to its source appreciation of ancient ancient animal and ancient human beauty, fun, learning, ancient to know today at the same time, make people more love this beautiful city of Daqing home.
     The Daqing museum is a comprehensive reflection of the entire hall display theme and features. Hall from the granite reliefs, bronze sculpture and underground fossils in three parts. Huge circular granite relief shows northeast quaternary natural environment, ancient, ancient animal harmony beautiful picture. Mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, buffalo is a typical representative of the northeast northeast of Quaternary mammalian fauna, three sets of shapes, bronze sculpture demonstrates the enormous momentum of true to life likeness and communion between animal groups. The annular fossil recovery burial site reproduced the animal fossils buried in the Quaternary strata of the original. The hall to coordinate, the overall space and solemn style concise, prominent theme, distinctive characteristics, strong visual impact, to better reflect the cultural connotation of the museum.
     "Natural environment" in Northeast display mainly show the richness and the evolution of the natural ecological resources in Daqing. The lake wetland, Lake Tunnel landscape display, display stratum core samples and multimedia presentation techniques such as sand table model, Daqing Lake Wetland formation and Quaternary Geology and geomorphology condition and organic combination, intuitive, scientific about the underwater ecosystem, the formation process of geological geomorphology and evolution of ancient times. In this exhibition, through the mechanical sand, the formation process of understanding the ancient lakes quaternary Songliao; across the lake, the Great Lakes Lake appreciate ancient fantasy world; through the Quaternary strata wall restoration, explore the stratum core secrets in the TV pictures; sliding touch, carding in 2580000 years of events; by comparing the ancient and great lakes the modern master of nature wetland changes, obtain and pay the balance tips; until you see the once prosperous to us at the foot of the animal extinction, people can not help but deep in the land, how to cherish our feet, to create a harmonious ecological environment.
     "Northeast" quaternary mammal showing a selection of abundant precious fossils, take very shock and delicate display forms and means, highlight the Quaternary mammals classified description, comparison, the evolution of the international and domestic research, the discovery of Quaternary Daqing Museum of Quaternary fossil collection protection, Quaternary and human relations, Rackmount interactive demonstration so, make the ancient quaternary plants and human dynamic ecological changes with other forms of multimedia high Photo Camp, paleontology and built up a brand characteristics of the display, reveals the history of animal groups thrive.
     "Daqing ancient civilization" display and highlight the regional characteristics of Daqing ancient history, the Daqing ancient human, brilliant bronze culture, ethnic fusion, post Liao Jinyuan era culture four topics, diversity, concentration of ancient ancestors cultural expression of the uniqueness and importance.
      The Daqing Museum has become the domestic quaternary mammal fossils in the collection center, exhibition center and Research Center, provides a rich and important fossil based scientific research base for the future study on the Quaternary at home and abroad, to carry out international exchanges to build a wide display platform.

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